Rockin' to the music - Blast Off


 Blast Off are a British Rockabilly trio.


1.Blast off 2.The way it's meant to be 3.Bim bam 4.You mostest girl 5.On the move 6.Rockin' to the music 7.Don't stop loving me 8.Such a night 9.Make like rock 'n' roll 10.Go for it 11.Crazy legs 12.Mandy 13.I'm bad 14.Diggin' the boogie 15.More, more, more 16.The stroll 17.Eel Pie Island 18.Let's go bopping tonight 19.Your baby blues eyes 20.Love that girl



Blast Off are one of the few bands talented enough to play rock'n'roll music with versatility. They can play swingin' rock'n'roll with perfect vocal harmonies and seamlessly switch to all-out boppin' rockabilly. If you like The Jets or The Firebirds, you'll like Blast Off. This 20 track album is a real killer, and features a selection of original Blast Off material, along with a good selection of rockin' covers.


Blast off are a popular British Rockabilly band.



The Party's Just Begun - Blast off


Track Listings


1. Party's Just Begun 2.Slipping In 3.Just Let Me Be 4.All Night Long 5.Gee 6. Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track) 7.Buona Sera  8.I Just Want You Back 9.Fight For Love 10.Medley  11.Little Turtle Dove 12.Ain't Got You 13.Little Pig 14.Leavin' Me 15.Long Blonde Hair 16.Ice Cold 17.Falling In Love 18.Don't Look Into My Eyes 19.Ol' Black Joe 20.My Heart Won't Let You Go 21.Please Mama Please          



Cry Wild - Blast Off


1.Blast off 2.Your true love 3.Let me out 4.I spy 5.Hip hip baby 6.The house is rocking 7.Stray cat strut 8.You can't avoid the past 9.Please don't touch 10.Double talkin' baby 11.Crazy little thing called love 12.The race is on 13.Who's been sleeping in my bed 14.Walk don't run 15.Volare 16.The train kept a-rollin' 17.Long time 18.To be with you 19.All by myself 20.Cry wild


Blast Off's third CD opens as their stage set with their theme tune, 'Blast Off', followed by the early Carl Perkins 'Your True Love'. There are several Stray Cat style tracks if you like that sort of thing. Our particular favourite is 'I-Spy' - authentic harmonies with great bass vocals. An excellent CD for Blast Off fans." redhotnrockin


"superb" - Darrel Higham



Wild One - Blast Off


1.Wild One 2.I've never fallen for anyone else but you 3.Hot Date 4.59 5.I ain't a fool 6.I'll still love you 7.What's she really like 8. Dark Sky's 9.Queen of hearts 10.Catch it if you can 11.Modern don juan 12.Pictures in my mind 13.We're Drunk 14.Waiting 15.The Worrying kind 16.Sweet love on my mind 17.Marie Celeste 18.It's Christmas