Blast Off first got together in 1996 and was the Folkestone Rock’n’Roll Club’s resident band every Wednesday evening for two years, specialising in the 50’s era. Then they decided to tour, and, WOW, have they taken off or what!!




The band consists of Driss Hodson, Double Bass and lead vocals, Darren Legget on drums and Vocals and Tim Bradley, lead guitar and backing vocals. Blast Off pride themselves on playing every sound live, with a fantastic sound of much bigger bands.




Voted “Best Band on the Circuit” for 1998, Blast Off are still filling venues all over the Country with a huge following of fans. Blast Off have backed top artists, such as Wee Willie Harris, Graham Fenton from (Matchbox), Linda Gale Lewis and many more. They are also currently backing Sixties Star Mike Berry with packed audiences and great success all over the country. A great live Rockin’ sound, a good choice of material to suit any audience. Having played all the motorcycle rallies, Peterborough, Croft Circuit, Brighton, Kent, all the Rock’n’Roll festivals, for all the promoters, Blast Off have played all over the World and in 2000 played Memphis and Las Vegas.

The band tours with a self-contained 4k system and lights.




Snapped up by Polytone in 1998 to do their first CD, ROCKIN’ TO THE MUSIC, Then 1999 a second CD, THE PARTY’S JUST BEGUN, Then in 2000 a third release, CRY WILD all containing over 20 tracks, 50% of which is their own material. As stated by Rockin’ Lee at Polytone’s Teddyboy Weekender Blast Off have become Polytone’s biggest selling band. 2005 saw the release of their 4th and long awaited CD, WILD ONE, Which is currently selling well, so whether it’s a dance night, a party, a rally, festival or a tour, can you afford not to have Blast Off on it ?




Blast Off have been the resident band on BBC Radio Rock’n’Roll show on numerous occasions. They have also been featured on most BBC local radio stations, including Radio 2, Joe Brown’s show, and Geoff Barker’s Classic Gold show.




Blast Off were selected to appear on BBC1 Television’s First Sight Programme, “The Century Speaks”. They performed the song “Hip Hip Baby”. This performance is being stored in the Time Capsule to be shown again in 1000 years time. LONG LIVE ROCK’N’ROLL.


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